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Some UK test centers fail 72% of people
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What else?

Causing safe drivers to fail their driving test because of silly technicalities is completely unfair. It costs the learners time, money and causes a great deal of frustration.

Each time a driving test is failed, self confidence can plummet as can a learners bank balance.

The UK driving test is considered to be the hardest driving test in the world and is becoming increasingly difficult.

Failing the driving test on the other hand is very easy.

Thousands of perfectly safe drivers fail their driving test every week because of nerves or technicalities.

Failing the first driving test

If someone failed their first driving test it can be a huge self confidence blow.

After months and months of practice, finally getting to the point where the instructor thinks you are safe, only to be failed because of silly mistakes.

Although it's a confidence blow, many people dust themselves off and book their next test.

On my first driving test I failed because of one silly mistake, the rest of the drive was perfect with only a hand full of minors.

Failing the second test

After the 1st failure it can be hard to get back in the drivers seat. Whether you failed your driving test because of a silly mistake, a harsh examiner or some other reason, it can be hard to pick up your self confidence and try again.

Not only do you have to wait 5 or 6 weeks for your next driving test, and pay the test fees, you also have to pay for lessons each week to keep you sharp, even though you are a perfectly safe driver.

A 6 week wait, with 1 hour lesson each week at £20 a lesson = £120. The the test fee and the fee for using the instructors car on the day roughly adds up to £100.

Making the grand total of £220 every time you fail your driving test.

Once the 2nd test date comes around and again you are failed because of silly technicalities your self confidence can sink even lower and your anger & frustration increase dramatically.

On my second test I got 4 minors and no serious faults, but was failed anyway.

Because I got 4 minors in the same category, they changed the 4 minors in to one major and I failed the driving test.

Apparently I was driving too close to parked cars 4 times.

If I had done it 3 times I would have passed.

How petty is that?

The fact that I drove the entire test route safely, performed the maneuvers safely, and arrived back at the test center in one piece didn't seem to matter.

Apparently you are supposed to keep a distance of 1 meter from parked cars at all times. On today's roads with the lack of adequate parking, how on earth is it possible to stay 1 meter from all parked cars at all times?

Another embarrassing driving test failure to face my family and friends with.

On to driving test number 3

At this point I had now spent in the region of £1200 on lessons and driving tests, after driving perfectly safely and failing on my last test I was naturally very annoyed.

Again, I drove the car around the route safely, no need for the examiners to hit the breaks or grab the wheel, just a nice relaxing drive performed well.

Back to the test center and guess what, I failed the driving test again.

How on earth can you drive without any crashes, scrapes or dings and still get serious faults? it makes very little sense!

Apparently on my "reverse around the corner" as I was finishing the maneuver a silver car drove past me on the other side of the road.

That got me a serious fault!

Apparently I should have stopped, waited for the silver car to pass and then carried on with the maneuver, even though the car was on the other side of the road and absolutely no where near me.

Yet another embarrassing failure for me to report back to my friends and family, and another £220 in lessons and test fees down the drain.

Driving test number 4

On the day of my fourth driving test I was in a very bad mood, angry, frustrated and sick of driving tests, sick and tired of being failed for daft technicalities, sick and tired of the whole dsa system and furious that they had managed to weasel so much money out of me.

Fairs fair, I should have had my license 7 months prior to my fourth test, however I think all the anger, frustration and nerves got the better of me and I deserved to fail test number 4.

At the start of the test I made a very silly mistake and knew I had failed instantly. From then on the drive was horrible, my "turn in the road" and "reverse parallel park" were appalling and the examiner had to hit the breaks at one point.

I deverved to fail on this driving test, unlike tests 1 2 and 3.

If the examiner has to tell you what to do, or has to take control of the car then you don't deserve to pass.

Failing people on their driving test because of silly technicalities on the other hand is completely unfair and in my personal opinion, all about getting as much of your money as they can, rather than keeping the roads safe.

Other countries have far less rules and have far safer roads.

Take Italy for example, they have very few driving rules, to a British person they drive like mad men and the license is very easy to get BUT they have less accidents than us here in the UK.

Why? because they don't have hundreds of silly little rules that govern how they drive. Instead they use their common sense and have to stay super aware of what other drivers are doing.

Many accidents in the UK happen at junctions, someone thought they had right of way so they just went for it without paying the correct attention.

Where as in Italy nobody assumes right of way, so they are extra aware of what other cars are doing when they execute the junction.

For me, the proof is in the pudding

Less rules = increased awareness = less accidents

Might sound odd, but it works!

The 5th and final driving test

Again, I drove perfectly safely from start to finish, maneuvers were done correctly, I got the "show me, tell me" questions right and even made the examiner laugh with a witty comment or 2.

After arriving back at the test center I was 99% sure I had failed, I had sat in the drivers seat four times previously, waiting for the results only to hear that I had failed, so understandably I was not too confident.

I looked across the test center car park towards my instructor and shook my head, I knew I had made a couple of minor mistakes but knowing the unfairness of the system I was almost certain I was about to fail my 5th driving test.

I was almost certain that I had failed my driving test again and was about to rebook, I started to feel numb, I was sick of being failed on silly little things when I knew I deserved my license.

About three seconds later my examiner said "today it's a pass" I was in complete shock, I put the thumbs up sign to my instructor and mouthed the words "I passed"

The examiner congratulated me, gave me my results and wrote out my test pass certificate.

Nine months after my first test I got my pass, but was shocked to see that I was given 10 minors.

After being safe enough to drive by myself for 9 - 10 months I was finally given my test certificate and allowed out on the open road.

I am still extremely happy to have my full license, I worked very hard for it, but I am also rather annoyed that I had to pay out £1700 in lessons and test fees, not to mention the embarrassment at telling people I had  failed th driving test over and over again.

After I had reached the £900 mark I was safe enough to drive, it annoyed me deeply that I had to pay out an additional £800 in lessons and test fees in order to get a license that I already deserved.

I passed at my local test center, but if I had failed again I would have almost certainly switched to a test center with a super high pass rate.

I decided to share the information I had compiled after test number four to help other safe drivers pass their driving test quickly and easily without spending more money than they need to.

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Some UK test centers fail over 72% of candidates.

Other UK test centers fail under 15% of candidates.

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The government has pretty much put a stop to driving license tourism outside of the UK

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